ETOE E2 Pro (A1192) Firmware Version

  1. Better sound EQ
  2. Able to change the default screensaver video for the projector system.

  1. Fix the “no signal” issue that appears on the Android TV interface.(No signal issue only happens on some projectors with firmware V.2.6.18.)
  2. The remote control is able to control the Android TV interface while in the IR mode, when the indicator is red.(Update for version V.2.6.18.)
  3. More options for sound & picture on the on-screen second menu:

    second-menu scren

    • The original sound will be bigger by adjusting the sound equalizer on "Personal" mode. While in the projector system, as the remote indicator turns red, long pressing the focus button focus button to get the on-screen menu:

      If you want a louder sound when watching movies, please try to get personalized EQ on the "Personal" mode.

      • 120Hz (emphasize low sounds)
      • 500Hz (emphasize low sounds)
      • 1.5KHz (bring vocals out)
      • 5KHz (bring vocals out)
      • 10KHz
    • More image adjustment on "Image Mode", when choosing "Personal"
      • Brightness
      • Saturation
      • Sharpness
      • Hue
    • If you want to adjust the on-screen menu on the Android TV system, please click here for how to do that.
  4. The Android TV button will disappear on the projector system. Click the switch button on the remote control to go to the Android TV system when needed.
  5. second-menu