Bluetooth Remote fro D2 Pro & E2/3 Pro

Angebot$19.99 USD

Dual Control Methods: Control the projector using both IR (Infrared) and Bluetooth signals.

Compatible Devices: D2 Pro, E2 Pro, e3 Pro (Android TV 10.0)

Seamless Switching: When connecting to a projector with a previously paired remote, easily unpair the previous remote control and pair the new one for uninterrupted control.

IR Precision: Use IR signals for precise control by pointing the remote directly at the IR sensor on the projector.

Bluetooth Convenience: Enjoy wireless control with Bluetooth within a certain distance (< 20ft) from the projector for added flexibility.

Batteries Not Included: Please note that the remote control does not come with batteries. You will need to provide 2 x AAA batteries to power the remote.

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