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ETOE E2 FHD projector (A1191)

ETOE E2 FHD projector (A1191)

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Model Number:A1191


1080P Resolution: It's a native Full HD projector and supports playing 4k movies on 1080p resolution.

400 ANSI Lumens: Watch your favorite movies on ambient light at night.

Multi Connectivity: If you don't have Wi-Fi, you can connect to the ETOE projector Wi-Fi to have a fast casting of your favorite content from any iOS / Android device. Moreover, a direct 5G/2Ghz Wi-Fi connection and HDMI cable connection are also supported. 

Multi Compatibility: This 4k projector is compatible with TV Stick/Box, laptops, MacBooks, tablets, smartphones, PS5/PS4, X-Box ONE, USB drivers, etc. (Can't mirror Netflix and other similar streaming apps on iOS devices due to copyright limits).

Bluetooth supported: You can easily connect to speakers for louder sound or enjoy the media alone with your headsets. 

Keystone Correction: No need to place the video projector in the center for a square picture! The digital KEYSTONE allows the correction of the tilted image. 

Digital zoom in & out: You can adjust the projection size without moving it with the digital ZOOM(50 ~ 100%).

Dust Proof Design:  ETOE engineers a fully-sealed optical engine that dust would never go behind the lens, promising a long time service life. 

Multi compatibility: This home theater projector is compatible with TV Stick/Box, laptops, MacBooks, tablets, smartphones, PS5/PS4, X-Box ONE, USB drivers, etc. 

Notice: You can watch Netflix by connecting your device to the projector by HDMI cable. If you use the iPhone Airplay function, please notice that it's not allowed to mirror copyrighted content from Netflix due to Apple's limitations. Please get in touch with us if you have any problems.


8.11*7.32*5.12 inches


-Resolution: 1980*1080pWorking

-Voltage: AC 100-240V/50-60hz

-Throw Ratio: 1.18:1


Warranty Policy

30-day money-back garantee for any reason

For 30 days after the date of purchase, return your undamaged product and receive a fully refund for ANY reason.


12-month warranty (for quality-related issues

We believe in the quality of our products but we care about the experience of our customers more.


For 12 months after the date of purchase,

if any of the product you've purchased from Etoe-US fail to function as promised, please contact us through the "Ask a question" button on the right yellow button.


We take care of all quality-related issues with a REPLACEMENT or FULL REFUND.

Reminder: Be sure to use your product as instructions. You can download quick start on the product page for simple instructions of setting up the product.


Free Customer Support

If you are not sure how to use your product properly? Contact our friendly customer servcie team for quick solutions.


Warranty Exclusions & Limitations

Though we care about the happiness of our customers, the following cases WILL NOT be covered by our Warranty:

1. Products purchased from unauthorized resellers;

2.Purchases without valid proof of purchase;

3.Any defects or damages caused by unreasonable use, abuse, exposure to excessive heat, liquids or other external causes;

4.Lost or stolen products;

5.Product that has been refunded.


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Immerse in the home cinema experience

Dual speakers, 400 ANSI brightness, Bluetooth connection for more sound choice and multi-connections with 2.4/5G and wire.

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ETOE provides an extended 6-month warranty to the automatic 12-month warranty for registered customers.

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Instructions & FAQs

Instruction Videos

1. Get a sharp picture

  • After plugging in the power cord, press the power button.
  • Adjust the focus knob to get a sharp picture.
  • If you can't place the projector center-off, use the keystone correction to get a rectangular image.

2. Zoom (50%~100%) function

If you want to get a smaller picture without moving the projector, use the zoom function.


3. Adjust the color temp


4. Set up the timer for the projector


5. Connection for Android devices 

You don't need to use it through the Wi-Fi, as it uses the direct hot spot that the projector provided.

Notice: Please make sure that you have disconnected the projector from the Wi-Fi.


6.Connection for iOS devices (iPHONE/iPAD/Macbook)


7.Connection for iOS devices without Wi-Fi(iPhone/iPad/Macbook)

You don't need to use it through the Wi-Fi, as it uses the direct hot spot that the projector provided.

Notice: Please ensure that you have disconnected the Wi-Fi connection of the projector.



Q:How to throw content from iPhone/iPad to the projector?


A1:ETOE projector provides two ways for screen mirroring: 【iOS AP Mirroring】& and 【iOS Wi-Fi Mirroring】


- Select the way you want to project the content on the homepage


- Follow instructions on the screen


Please remember to SELECT how you will mirror the content EVERY TIME and then follow the instruction for a successful connection. 


Check instruction videos here:

【iOS Wi-Fi Mirroring】



 【iOS AP Mirroring】


Q: I fail to use the iOS Wi-Fi Mirroring Mode with my iphone. What should I do?

A: Please check your Wi-Fi network to see if it’s stable. If your Wi-Fi network is not stable, the Wi-Fi Mirroring Mode won’t work well. Here’s the way to fix it.

1. Try to disconnect & connect the Wi-Fi with your device and the ETOE projector;

2. Relaunch your Wi-Fi router.


Q: Can I use it without a power cable?

A: E1 projector doesn’t include a battery inside so it can only be powered by the power cable.


Q: I can’t watch videos on youtube with the projector. Is it normal?

A: The issue you have is mainly caused by the limitation of iPhone system iOS. We have adjusted the software in ETOE projectors to help to mirror content from Youtube or other channels. Please update the firmware here.


Please notice that due to the limitation of Apple. Copyrighted content from Netflix, Hulu, and similar services CANNOT be mirrored or screencast. 


Q: The video cast on the screen is not clear as it showed on the device.

A: Please notice that to let the customer have a fluent viewing experience, most video providers will choose the suitable resolution under the current internet environment. Please adjust the resolution of the video to 1080p manually to get a clear picture with E1. 


Moreover, please adjust the keystone and focus every time you change the distance and direction of the projector.


Q: I can’t connect my device to the projector with Bluetooth.

A: Please try to disconnect other devices from your Bluetooth device, as they might influence the connection with the projector.


Q: What's the IR remote profile?

 A: Please check this link.

Firmware Upgrade

What's new on ETOE E2 firmware (Newest Version: V2.9.13)


1. "Sound Mode" added to the second menu so that you can get louder sound by adjusting the sound equalizer on "Personal."


Long press the Menu button to get the second menu to choose below sound mode:

  • Standard
  • Music
  • Movie
  • Personal

If you want a louder sound when watching movies, please try to get personalized EQ on the "Personal."

  • 120Hz (emphasize low sounds)
  • 500Hz (emphasize low sounds)
  • 1.5KHz (bring vocals out)
  • 5KHz (bring vocals out)
  • 10KHz 


2. Turn on the bidirectional feature of Bluetooth 5.1, and make ETOE E2 a speaker by the Bluetooth connection.

-Turn on the Bluetooth of your smartphone/other devices;

-Search ETOE_ProjectorA confirmation message appears on the projector and your device at the same time;

-Click "OK" on the prompt message;

-The projector is connected successfully, and you can play music.


3. Allow the adjustment on the image:

* Brightness

* Saturation

* Sharpness

* Hue

a.Long press the Menu button on the remote control.

b.The on-screen picture mode adjustment settings will appear.


1. If your original remote loses or broke accidentally by a puppy.

Contact ETOE support for a replacement. We will send you a new remote.


2. The upgrade fails.

Make sure that you have long pressed the power button after you plug in the USB flash.


3. Get a breaking sound when adjust the equalizer.

Just adjust the equalizer and you will get a normal sound again.


4.There is no blue upgrade bar appear after I insert the USB stick.

The format of your USB stick is FAT32 / NTFS as the projector can't read exFAT format. Click here to understand how to identify the file system.


You can also test if your USB stick can be read by the projector first without understand the format of your USB stick.


You can also re-format your USB stick if you need to do so.


Download Newest Firmware (V2.09.13)

Rar Version: Download (841MB)↓

Bin Version: Download (1.49G)↓

Firmware Upgrade Guide: PDF ↓

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