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At ETOE, we proudly lead the way as innovators in LCD projectors, introducing the world's first projectors with built-in Android TV systems. Our cutting-edge technology offers the easiest and most convenient method to stream your favorite TV shows, movies, and music on a large screen.

Etoe Mission

Driven by our passion for well-designed products, we have established the brand ETOE with a commitment to delivering top-quality, innovative, and affordable projectors to our valued customers.

Why we build-Etoe

Beyond creating simple projectors for endless entertainment possibilities, we are dedicated to developing convenient and intelligent home gadgets that enhance daily life. Our enthusiasm lies in crafting products that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle while adding convenience and sophistication.

We are the innovator of the LCD projector, producing the first Android TV system built-in projectors. It would be the simplest way to stream your favoutire TV, movies, music to a big screen. At ETOE, we are built on the tripod promise to provide top-quality, innovative and affordable projectors with light and sound for immersive cinematic experiences. We believe that nothing would interrupt fun time. We are dedicated to exploring more to provide infinite entertainment for everyday life.

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With Licensed Content

Built-in genuine licensed 4K Android TV with access to Netflix and other content, eliminating the need for external signal sources. Comes with Google Play offering 7000+ apps, integrated Chromecast for legitimate content casting, and support for Google Assistant voice commands.

Innovative product design

Fully sealed optical system enhances product uniformity and extends the lifespan.

Impeccable audio performance

Equipped with a 2-channel speaker box for superior audio quality.

Extremely low noise

Intelligent temperature-controlled fan with adjustable speed settings for reduced noise levels.

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Etoe History

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May 2023

ETOE obtained authorization from Google for Google TV projectors, initiating the development of the world's first all-in-one Google TV LCD projector.

February 2023
ETOE commenced mass production and launched the Android TV dongle specifically designed for projectors. This integration streamlined the Android TV LCD projector experience and operation, marking the beginning of comprehensive promotion within the projection industry.
October 2022
In pursuit of an even better projector experience, ETOE signed the ACC agreement with Google, commencing the development of a dedicated Android TV dongle for projectors.
April 2022
The world's first Android TV LCD projector entered the market. This product incorporated a fully sealed LCD optical system, providing users with an experience and lifespan comparable to DLP optical systems, while maintaining the cost advantages of LCD projectors.
Sep 2021
In September specifically, the core team members conducted market research and identified a recurring issue with almost all LCD projectors - compatibility problems with various movie formats and the need for multiple cable connections. The process was far from seamless. ETOE aimed to create a high-value smart projector solution that not only addressed content source challenges without significantly increasing costs but also offered enhanced entertainment options to customers, liberating them from the complexities of movie-watching. Thus, the ETOE brand was established.
May 2019
Recognizing the extensive homogenization among LCD projectors and the subpar experience of open optical systems, the optical team within the organization launched the world's first fully sealed LCD optical system projector.
The domestic smart projector market in China witnessed rapid growth, while overseas projectors faced limitations due to content availability. In response, the founding team developed and introduced the world's first Android TV projector.

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