ETOE Mermaid D1 EVO Android 0S Projector

Sale price$149.99 USD

Android OS Built-in: This projector has the latest built-in ETOE OS Android 9.0. Download APPs to enjoy your favorite movies, shows, live sports, and music from the APP Store.

720P Full HD Image: Designed with native 720P resolution and 1080P video decoding. Download the VLC APP to enjoy most video and audio formats.

Extra Bluetooth Speaker: Supports Wi-Fi and dual-way Bluetooth connection. ETOE D1 EVO will be your additional Bluetooth speaker.

Fully-Sealed Dustproof Optical Engine: The optical engine to reflect the picture will be fully protected to ensure no dust can get in for long-time use.


12-Month Warranty:  Claim your warranty for fast product support.