D1 Troubleshooting

  1. Go to Setting>Others;
  2. Navigate to "Screen Saver";
  3. Choose "off" or timer for the screensaver.



The ventilation of the projector might be blocked. Move the stuff away and turns off the projector for half an hour to cool it down. Make sure that nothing is blocking the ventilation when you turn on the projector again.


TV Stick


  1. Please make sure both the HDMI & USB cable is plugged in, and choose HDMI on the projector home page.
  2. Set the Fire stick in to 720p resolution. Here's how to do that: Go to settings>Display & Sounds>Video Resolution, and choose 720p.


  • Hook your laptop to the projector with a HDMI cable;
  • Use a TV stick with an HDMI cable connection and a USB cable inserted into the projector to supply power for the TV stick.

Click the OK button on the projector or remote control, and you will get control of the video player. Use the navigation button to choose the speed of speed up.


  • Ensure that the batteries in your remote are correctly placed and of power.
  • Check if the remote's indicator turns red/blue when you press the button.
  • Feel free to contact us if the remote still needs to be fixed.

Please click here for the IR profile.



Please click here for the firmware upgrade instruction.


Signal Source
  • Please check the format of your USB stick. As the projector can't read files from a USB stick in exFAT. Here are the instructions for checking the format of your USB stick.
  • Ensure to choose USB on the Homepage of your projector.
  • If the above steps has been checked, and the USB stick still can't be read by the projector. Test with another USB stick.
  • If the new USB stick still can't work with the projector. Feel free to contact us for assistance.