ETOE D1 EVO Frequently Asked Questions

Projector Setting

You can press the menu button on the remote control to launch the on-screen menu.

1). Incorrect focal length: If the focal length of the projector is incorrect, the projected image will be blurred. You can adjust the projector's focus until the projected image is clear. 2). Incorrect projection distance: The distance between the projector and the projection screen will also affect the clarity of the picture. If the distance between the projector and the screen is too far or too close, the picture will be blurry. The projection distance can be adjusted according to the optimal projection distance table given in the projector's instruction manual. 3). Projection screen problem: If the material or quality of the projection screen is not good, it will also cause the picture to be blurry. You can replace the projection screen with a high-quality one, or simply use a white wall instead of the projection screen. 4). Projection environment problems: If the projection environment is too bright or too dim, it will affect the clarity of the picture. It is recommended to use the projector in a darker environment to obtain the best visual effects. 5). The "Keystone Correction" function will re-adjust the screen ratio, which will also degrade the quality of the projected image. We would recommend customers to minimize the up and down and left and right tilt angles when placing the projector to minimize the effect of trapezoidal distortion. 6). If there is dust or stains on the surface of the projector lens, you can use a soft cloth to gently wipe the lens.



Yes. Press the power button on the remote control, and choose "shutdown timer."

Yes. Go to Setting>Others, navigate to "Screen Saver", and choose the timer.




  1. Please contact our customer support as they will assist you in getting a new remote.
  2. Use USB keyboard. control_projector_with_USBkeyboard

1) Please aim the remote control at the infrared receiver. If the remote control is not aimed at the projector's IR infrared receiver for control, the remote control will not be able to control the projector. 2) Replace the battery. If the product's power is insufficient, the remote control may not be able to control the machine properly. 3). If the remote control is dropped on the ground, the battery will become loose and the battery cover needs to be reopened to install it.



For iOS devices:

  • Ensure that the projector and your iOS devices connect to the same Wi-Fi;
  • Go to App Manager, and choose Airpin(Pro);
  • Click "Screen Mirroring" on your iOS device, and choose the device name that shown on the App.

For Android devices:

  • Ensure that the projector and your iOS devices connect to the same Wi-Fi;
  • Choose WiFi-Cast on the Homepage;
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

For samsung, Sony and Google devices:

  • Download and install the AirScreen APP on the projector;
  • Connect your mobile phone and D2 EVO to the same network;
  • Access AirScreen APP and enable screen mirroring on smart veiw on your device in the ontrol center
  • Select"ATV_XX" on your phone's Screen Mirroring list to connect.
  • Feel free to contact us if you fail to mirror.


No. The App Store doesn't support Hulu. Please use HDMI cable to connect to your laptop for watching.
Due to the limitation of copyrighted content, videos from Netflix can't be cast or mirrored to the projector. You can still watch videos from Netflix by downloading Netflix from the App Store or connecting with an HDMI cable to your laptop.
We are just afraid there is a bug with the settings page. You can connect a Wired Mouse to the USB port to log into your account, it will be more convenient.


Bluetooth & Wifi
  1. Press the power button on the remote control;
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth on your device;
  3. Follow the on-screen instruction for the connection.
1. Check WiFi password and network name: Please make sure the WiFi password and network name you enter are correct. Sometimes entering the wrong password or name can cause the connection to fail. 2. Check WiFi signal strength: Please make sure there is a strong enough WiFi signal near the projector. If the signal is too weak, try moving the projector to a location with better signal coverage. 3. Restart the projector and router: Sometimes, connection issues can be solved by restarting the device. Please try restarting the projector and WiFi router and try connecting again.


TV Stick

Yes. Please connect the Fire TV stick to the projector with the original HDMI and USB cable.


Firmware Upgrade
  1. Please ensure that the Internet is connected stably while the projector is upgrading automatically.
  2. Please ensure that the power supply stay connected while upgrading.
  3. Please contact us to solve the issue by uprade the firmware menually.