ETOE Seal Troubleshooting


  • When you first set up the device, please press the "mute" button on the remote to turn off the sound. After completing the setup and entering the Android TV system, press the "mute" button again to turn on the sound.


    Please try to reset it by the steps below

      1. Please confirm the projection distance. The recommended viewing size is 60" -120" inches and the recommended project distance is 1.4 meters-3.3 meters. The keystone setting shouldn't be overdoing.
      2. Ensure that there are no obstacles in front of the lens, and make sure there are no obstacles in the projected image.
      3. Clean the tof gently with a glass cloth.

    After that, if the problem persists, please set it as below

    1. Please place the projector horizontally without any occlusion. Keep the lens to face the projected image directly.
    2. Press the "projector" button to enter the projector setting page: Settings>> Projection settings>> Focus Settings>>picture calibration>> Restore default
    3. Restart the projector and try again

    The ventilation of the projector might be blocked. Move the stuff away and turns off the projector for half an hour to cool it down. Make sure that nothing is blocking the ventilation when you turn on the projector again. If the problem persists, please contact us for help.

    We are afraid the connection to the TV box is loose. Please open the bottom of the projector and then press the connection cables of the TV box inside tighter or reconnect the cables.

    Please confirm whether the projector cannot perform auto-keystone correction at all or if it can, but the result is unsatisfactory.

    If the auto-keystone function isn't working when you use it, please ensure that the Auto Keystone function is turned on. If it shows an "Auto-Keystone" notification but the projected image remains distorted, please confirm the project image are at follow these steps:

  • Step 1: If you have used adjust Four-point Correction before, go to Projector Settings Keystone Correction Reset, and click "OK"
  • Step 2: Re-adjust calibration: Go to Projector Settings>Calibration Settings Keystone Benchmark Correction
  • Step 3: Choose "Restore default" and wait till the notification shows the Restore is completed.
  • Step 4: Position the projector directly facing the wall or screen to obtain a rectangular picture. Please also make sure the picture is clear, and then choose " Correct to current angle". Wait till the notification shows the action is completed
  • Please first identify which signal source the screen flickering issue is occurring with.

    If it is from an HDMI or USB device, please make sure the connection is good.

    If it is on the Android TV, there may be several possible solutions:

  • Check the Wifi Network: Please check if the network works. You can also change the network to 5G to test.
  • Resolution: It is recommended to use 1080P, 59.94HZ. You can set it as below steps: enter the Android TV homepage >>Settings>> device preference>> Display and sound>> Display mode>>1080P, 59.94HZ.
  • Placement environment: Make sure the projector is placed in an appropriate environment, away from sources of interference.
  • Exclude other factors: If none of the above methods solve the problem, it is recommended to try to connect to other video sources or use different video media for testing to further determine whether the problem is related to a specific video source or media.


    • Ensure that the batteries in your remote are correctly placed and of power.
    • Check if the remote's indicator turns red/blue when you press the button.
    • Feel free to contact us if the remote still needs to be fixed.

    Situation 1: Power Button and Source Button Not Working. The remote control's battery is low, or the projector's infrared receiver is obstructed. Please follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

      • Point the remote control at the front or back of the projector, or at the projected image, as the receiver is located at the back of the projector. Do not point it at the side of the projector. Ensure there are no obstacles between the infrared sensors on the remote control and the projector.
      • Replace the batteries with new ones.Please check whether the indicator light on the remote control works.
      • Feel free to contact us if the remote still needs to be fixed.

    Situation 2: The YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and Google Assistance Buttons are Not Working, While Other Buttons Work Normally. Your remote control is not paired. Please follow the steps below to pair it:

    • Go to the Android TV home page.
    • Navigate to Settings > Remote & Accessories > Add Accessories.
    • When the accessory search page appears, press and hold the projector button and the back button on the remote control for 10 seconds to pair it.
    • Feel free to contact us if the remote still needs to be fixed.

    First, please confirm if the remote control is paired in Bluetooth mode and whether the network is connected. If both are connected, please try the following steps:

    1. Update the App " Android tv Remote Service" in Google Play;
    2. Then please set it: enter the Android TV system>> Settings>>App>> Select the " Android tv Remote service" App >> Select "Open" to turn on the function.

    This situation may occur if the CEC function is disabled or if there is a poor connection with the TV box. Please try the following steps:

        1. Plug in the Keyboard to the USB port, and use it to control the projector. (Click the "up, down, left, right" key to navigate on the menu, and press the "enter" key to click the "Home" key to go back to the Homepage of the projector.)
        2. Enter the Android TV homepage>>Settings>>TV Setting>>HDMI CEC>>turn on the CEC switch, and the remote control can control the projector normally
        3. If the issue persists, the connection cable for the TV box may be loose. Open the bottom of the projector and ensure the TV box connection cable is securely plugged in or reconnect it.



    Audio latency is the time it takes for audio move from your projector to your Bluetooth speaker. And Bluetooth connection spend a lot more time in the "processing" stage than a traditional wired connection. Plus, Bluetooth connection will be interfered by another signal source such as WiFi. There are some solutions below that you could decrease the latency:

    1. Disconnect other devices from your soundbar. As other devices might try to connect with it and influence the connection to the projector.
    2. Turn off other wireless connections close to the projector and Bluetooth signal.
    3. Keep your distance from other Bluetooth devices to avoid interference.
    4. Change the position or location of your device. It may need to be closer to the video.
    5. Feel free to contact us contact us if the problem still exist.




    1. Make sure the HDMI cable work and the Switch Base HDMI port work.
    2. Put the switch on the Switch Base. Connect the projector and the Switch via the HDMI cable.
    3. Make sure that the signal source is set to the HDMI signal source


    Wifi network


    1. Try Connecting to Another Network: Try connecting it to a different WiFi network, such as a mobile hotspot. If it connects successfully, the issue might be with your primary network. .
    2. After that, please try to Change the WiFi Security Type: Sometimes, devices have compatibility issues with certain types of WiFi encryption (WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA3). Try changing the encryption type on your router, but be aware that doing so can affect the security and compatibility with other devices.
    3. If the problem persists, please don't hesitate to contact us.