D2 Pro Fast Setup & Video Instructions

1. Get a clear picture

  • Place the projector minimum distance of 3.5ft to the screen/wall.
  • Adjust the focus knob to get a clear picture.
  • When placing the projector center-off, use the keystone correction to get a rectangular image.

         2. Get a brighter picture

        • The bigger the projected picture, the darker the image will be. The best picture size will be 80 inches. And the throw distance will be 7.26ft.
        • Highly recommend watching videos at night with dim light for a brighter picture experience.

         Screen size(inch) Width (inch) Hight (inch) Throw distance (ft)
        40 34.9 19.6 3.5
        50 43.6 24.5 4.4
        60 52.3 29.4 5.3
        70 61 34.3 6.2
        80 69.7 39.2 7.1
        90 78.4 44.1 8.0
        100 87.2 49 8.9


        3. Turn the sound volume on the projector system to the maximum

        The projector has two systems: The projector system and the Android TV system, and each has separate sound control. Please make sure to turn the volume on the projector system to the maximum, and you will have the best sound when enjoying movies on the Android TV system.

        4.Mirror your iOS devices to the projector

        5.Mirror your Android devices to the projector


        6. Cast your laptop/computer display to the projector

        Requirement for casting laptop/computer to the projector:

        1. Install the Chrome browser on your laptop/computer.

        2. Connect your device wirelessly. 

        3. The projector is connected to the same network as your devices.


        To understand more information about using Chromecast with the chrome tab, please check here on google support.


        7. Connect Bluetooth speakers/headsets to the projector

        Bluetooth connection can only work on the Android TV system. If you want extra sound on the projector system, please use an Aux cable to hook up between the speaker and the projector.


        8. Resize the picture without moving the projector with the Zoom function

        9. Set shutdown timer for the projector


        You can have fun now with your ETOE D2 Pro. Explore more fun ways to use it.