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How can we avoid the noise caused by the cooling system?

How can we avoid the noise caused by the cooling system?

A projector generates noise due to the movement and operation of its internal components, such as the cooling fan, color wheel, and lamp. These components produce vibrations and friction, which generate sound waves that can be heard as noise. The level of noise produced by a projector depends on various factors, such as the quality and design of its components, the cooling system, and the level of brightness and contrast used.

Noise has always been a problem, but E3 Pro can make noise "disappear", so how does it do it?

First, let's take a look at the noise comparison in different scenarios.

Hair dryer:

electric fan:


E3 pro(high-load):

The above comparison shows that the E3 pro does not produce too much noise during operation. This is thanks to its excellent heat dissipation mechanism and design.

E3 Pro uses intelligent cooling technology, which can detect temperature and control the cooling fan’s speed in real-time. At the same time, the diameter of the E3 pro's cooling fan is only 50mm. Its air ducts and fans are made of better materials, This reduces the noise caused by the friction of the cooling fan and also improves the cooling efficiency.

Intelligent heat dissipation

During the use of E3 Pro, the cooling fan will intelligently control the fan speed according to the actual situation in different situations. When the temperature inside the E3 Pro increases, it will automatically accelerate and dissipate heat. When the temperature drops lower, the speed will decrease. This is because E3 Pro has intelligent temperature sensing software and unique algorithms that help improve heat dissipation efficiency.


With the help of heat dissipation, there is no accumulation of heat, so there will be no heat generated by the lens and the image won't be blurry. The chip will not crash due to overheating, which greatly extends its service life and always keeps the screen in high definition. Of course, the fully sealed design does not affect heat dissipation. The equipment is equipped with dedicated air ducts and copper pipes for heat dissipation, which is discharged from the equipment through fans. At the same time, it will not bring in the dust.This advantage gives E3 Pro a longer lifespan and better user experience.

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