ETOE E2 (A1191) Firmware upgrade V2.9.13

What's new on ETOE E2 firmware (Newest Version: V2.9.13)


1. "Sound Mode" added to the second menu so that you can get louder sound by adjusting the sound equalizer on "Personal."


Long press the Menu button to get the second menu to choose below sound mode:

  • Standard
  • Music
  • Movie
  • Personal

If you want a louder sound when watching movies, please try to get personalized EQ on the "Personal."

  • 120Hz (emphasize low sounds)
  • 500Hz (emphasize low sounds)
  • 1.5KHz (bring vocals out)
  • 5KHz (bring vocals out)
  • 10KHz 


2. Turn on the bidirectional feature of Bluetooth 5.1, and make ETOE E2 a speaker by the Bluetooth connection.

-Turn on the Bluetooth of your smartphone/other devices;

-Search ETOE_ProjectorA confirmation message appears on the projector and your device at the same time;

-Click "OK" on the prompt message;

-The projector is connected successfully, and you can play music.


3. Allow the adjustment on the image:

* Brightness

* Saturation

* Sharpness

* Hue

a.Long press the Menu button on the remote control.

b.The on-screen picture mode adjustment settings will appear.


1. If your original remote loses or broke accidentally by a puppy.

Contact ETOE support for a replacement. We will send you a new remote.


2. The upgrade fails.

Make sure that you have long pressed the power button after you plug in the USB flash.


3. Get a breaking sound when adjust the equalizer.

Just adjust the equalizer and you will get a normal sound again.


4.There is no blue upgrade bar appear after I insert the USB stick.

The format of your USB stick is FAT32 / NTFS as the projector can't read exFAT format. Click here to understand how to identify the file system.


You can also test if your USB stick can be read by the projector first without understand the format of your USB stick.


You can also re-format your USB stick if you need to do so.


Download Newest Firmware (V2.09.13)

Rar Version: Download (841MB)↓

Bin Version: Download (1.49G)↓

Firmware Upgrade Guide: PDF ↓