Actualización de firmware de D2 Pro (A1172)

To achieve the peak performance of your ETOE projector, it is highly recommended to keep its firmware up to date all the time.

Check the necessity of firmware upgrade

  1. Turn on the projector and go to HomePage>Settings>About;
  2. Check the version number on “System Version”;
  3. If the version is not the same as the newest one, it is recommended to update to the newest one. The download address is at the end of this page.

How to update the firmware of your ETOE projector?



  • A USB stick with FAT32 format and its capacity should be less than 64 GB.
  • The right firmware in bin format.


    1. Download the newest firmware for your projector model at the bottom of this page, choose the file type according to your situation.
      • Rar Version: The file ended with ".rar" has been compressed to a smaller size. Unzip the file. Highly recommend using
      • Bin Version: The file ended with".bin" is the original file so that the file size will be large.
    2. Copy the firmware file to the root folder ( highest folder in the hierarchy) of the USB flash;
    3. Connect the USB flash to the projector on the USB port;
    4. Plug in the power cord of the projector and long press the power button;
    5. The update will start automatically, and the screen will showed a upgrade bar as below;
    6. After the upgrade, the projector will restart automatically.

    Watch the video to understand it better.

    How to check the results of the update?


    1. Go to HomePage of the projector;
    2. Choose Settings>about>
    3. Check the System Version to see if it is upgraded to the newest version.

    What's new on D2 Pro newest firmware


      1. The on-screen second menu will be add on to the "projector settings" menu

    Check the video below to understand more.

    1. The fan noise will be control bettere and thus lower noise sound.
    2. Can control the sound of two system at one time without swiching between two systems.


      1. More options for sound & picture on the on-screen second menu:

        second-menu scren

        • The original sound will be bigger by adjusting the sound equalizer on "Personal" mode. While in the projector system, as the remote indicator turns red, long pressing the focus button focus button to get the on-screen menu:

          If you want a louder sound when watching movies, please try to get personalized EQ on the "Personal" mode.

          • 120Hz (emphasize low sounds)
          • 500Hz (emphasize low sounds)
          • 1.5KHz (bring vocals out)
          • 5KHz (bring vocals out)
          • 10KHz
        • More image adjustment on "Image Mode", when choosing "Personal"
          • Brightness
          • Saturation
          • Sharpness
          • Hue
        • If you want to adjust the on-screen menu on the Android TV system, please click here for how to do that.
      2. The Android TV button will disappear on the projector system. Click the switch button on the remote control to go to the Android TV system when needed.



    Contact ETOE support for a replacement. We will send you a new remote.

    Make sure that the indicator of the remote turns red, and you will be able to control the projector. You will be on the language choosing page; please choose "complete" with the right navigator button after confirming your language.


    1. Please be sure that when you press the google assistant button, the remote indicator turns blue.
    2. If the remote indicator fails to turn blue, press the home button to switch the remote into the Bluetooth mode
    3. If the indicator turns blue and the voice control still can't work, try to change new batteries for the remote control.

    Please be sure that the format of your USB stick is FAT32 and its capacity is less than 64GB. Click here to understand how to identify the file system.

    You can also re-format your USB stick if you need to do so.


    Firmware Download Link

    Rar Version: Download(740MB)↓

    Bin Version: Download(1.4G)↓